Birth & Death Registration & Certification System

ULBs in Karnataka were maintaining the Birth and Death information in hard copy form. Registration was being done manually. The issuance of Birth and Death certificates used to take more time on account of manual searching of entries and writing the certificates. The National and State Registrar offices did not have easy access to the ULB Birth and Death database. The Government of Karnataka, as part of its urban reforms process, introduced the system of computerizing the Birth and Death records, online registration of Births & Deaths and issuing of computerized certificates in the ULBs.


  • To streamline the registration & certification of Birth & Death and to improve quality of service delivery to the citizens
  • Easy Birth and Death Registration & Certification
  • Online registration at ULB or through hospital with an automated computer-generated Registration ID
  • To issue computerized certificates to the citizens
  • National and state registrar office can access local databases of births and deaths to analyze population census
  • To computerized the Birth & Death registration & Certification


  • Birth and Death records of past 10 years were computerized by the ULBs before making the system live
  • Preparation of Training Modules and Training of ULB staff

Expected outputs

  • Issue of Birth & Death Certificates at citizen service center counter of ULB
  • Generation of Reports of Birth, Death, and Still Born
  • Computerized Birth and Death certificates through on line
  • Online registration system
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